NEWS from SLOV:SLOV (22-28 Feb)

Currently happening in SLOVENIA:

  • Hotel Park Ljubljana is the first hotel in Slovenia which achieved the prestigious certification Travelife. A hotel with the “green” heart with the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle ” can be only successful, right? They are planning to create a herb garden on the hotel’s rooftop in the future. 
  • Congratulations to ManuElla for being the chosen representative of Slovenia in this year’s EMA in Stockholm. The Slovenian selection took place in Ljubljana for the Eurovision Song Contest. 
  • At Postojna Cave one of the female olms, who are also known as “baby dragons”, has laid 24 eggs in the aquarium. This is a very rare event and the biologists are super excited about it.


Currently happening in SLOVAKIA:

  • Be careful if you are traveling in Slovakia, new timetables and schedules are valid now. So check the lines twice before you enter the train!
  • The bridge Valy, which is a part of D3 highway in Kysuce, will become the highest  bridge not only in Slovakia but also in the whole Central Europe. Looking forward to see it!
  • New farmers market opened in Bratislava’s New Town on February 24. Sounds delicious and healthy!



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