Hide&Seek in Ljubljana: How many of these have you noticed? (part 1)

While walking the streets of Ljubljana, talking to the friends, listening to the street musicians, trying to avoid the bicycles and deciding which cafeteria to enter all at the same time, it is really easy to not notice them.

They are all well hidden in the small streets, under the bridges or behind the old impressive buildings. And some of them are chilling on such obvious places that we simply do not notice them. Like the Slovaks tend to say: Pod lampou býva najväčšia tma (The darkest place is under a candlestick).

I have decided to take my camera for a walk and take a picture of these wall creatures. And this is where the magic happens – once you will see them, you will never unsee them again. Give it a try and let us know: How many of them have you found?


KL, 2016


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