NEWS from SLOV:SLOV March 7-13


  • Ljubljana got a new electric-powered tourist train! The train will start running daily from the middle of April.
  • Žalec, a small town in Slovenia, is planning to build a fountain that spurts out drinkable beer. They want to increase tourism with this, but it does not yet have a completion date. What an idea, right?!
  • The Slovenian Tourist Board received 2 awards within the ITB Berlin 2016 for promotional video commercials of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism. Congratulations!
  • Each year, Yale’s Environmental Performance Index ranks the top-performing countries for the environment, based on how well they’ve fared at protecting human health and vulnerable ecosystems. Slovenia achieved the 5th place!
  • Sweetswing festival took place in Ljubljana between 10-13th March. This festival is extremely popular in Slovenia.



  • Slovakia has been ranked as 45th in the world on how effectively children can use the courts to defend their rights according to new research from Child Rights International Network.
  • Around 2000 people gathered on Monday in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica to express their dissatisfaction and protest against the extremist ultra-­right party of Marián Kotleba, the People´s Party Our Slovakia, which will occupy 14 parliamentary seats in the newly elected Slovak parliament. The march was peaceful, it was a symbolic act.
  • On the 13th of March prizes were given out for the best Slovak music in many categories. Radio Head Awards took place for the 8th time.
  • In Bratislava started the reconstruction of roads. 37 km roadway is planned to be rebuild.

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