News March 14-20th


Peter Prevc just earned his 19th career World Cup victory. He is ranked as one of the best ski jumpers of all time. Well-deserved then!

Potica got first place among traditional festive pastries in Slovenia. Should we taste the sweet winner?

Hiking and Biking Slovenia has just published a new brochure: Let`s bike in Slovenia – Slovenia bike events 2016. This present the major upcoming biking events in Slovenia.
Detailed information and dates here:


Krásna Hôrka Castle in South-Eastern Slovakia is being reconstructed and repaired after a devastating fire, which happened in March 2012. The reconstruction of the roof have already happened.

The wagon of the historical Vienna tram which was in use before the II. World War on the route Bratislava-Vienna got brought back to Bratislava. In this wagon the members of the Austrian imperial family were transported in incognito. Just 2 of this kind of wagons were preserved. Really nice having it back!


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