Slovakia and Slovenia 11-17th April


  • The annual Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival will take place from 21st May to 5th June. Don´t forget to wear a flower in your hair 😉
    More info here:
  • On the 16th of April Ljubljana was hosting the 10th Bosnian Food Festival. They set a Guinness World Record with the festival’s culinary highlight, a giant baklava!
  • From the 13th until the 16th of April the Ljubljana Fashion Week took place on Trg republike. Designers from Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia presented their designs.



  • The Slovak Film Week ran 11-17 April in Bratislava’s Lumiére cinema. The event offered a comprehensive overview of what has been going on in Slovakian cinema over the past year.
  • Bratislava bought 60 new trams from the eurofond. 56 of them are already in use.

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