NEWS from 23-29 May




  • The project Nové Lido (New Lido) is expected to significantly change the area roughly bounded by Bratislava´s new Old Bridge, bridge Apollo and Einsteinova Street. The project combines a number of attractive features of the riverside in Petržalka, a natural park and water area. Hope it happens.
  • Between 28-29 May, Knight´s tournament on Horses took place in Castle Červený Kameň. The end of May definitely brought medieaval times. The weekend was full of fun and knowledge – horses, battles, fighting, sword-play, maids of honour and rich accessory program.

SLOVENIA in pictures: Erasmus edition p.4!

You will never remain hungry in Slovenia for too long. Wondering why? To understand what we are talking about, just visit some of the food festivals which are now booming in Slovenia! The proof is here – a little flashback documented by the Czech student Martina. This is how the chocolate festival in Radovljica in April looked like.


And if you are interested in more than just a foodporn, Martina had you covered! Here is the tourist-friendly BEST OF Radovljica:

KL, 2016

NEWS from SLOV:SLOV (16-22 May)


  • 21st Jazz Cerkno International Festival was held between 19-21 May. Musicians from 11 countries beside Slovenia payed their visit to Cerkno. Music connects… 🙂
  • The traditional exhibition of Specialities of Slovene Farms is one of the most important culinary event celebrating the produce of hardworking Slovene famers. 19-22th May was the right time to visit Ptuj!



  • On the 21st of May Slovakia hosted the Restaurant Day, offering a range of meals in non-traditional restaurants. The dishes was served by refugees, homeless people, civil right activists and mentally-disabled people.

    The organisations opened their restaurants in 7 different places around Slovakia: Bratislava, Trenčín, Prešov, Kokava nad Rimavicou (Banská Bystrica Region), Malacky (Bratislava Region) and Vinodol (Nitra Region).
    You can check their program here:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists can cross Bratislava’s reconstructed Old Bridge on May 19th. The view is really nice from the bridge.

Slovakia in pictures: Erasmus edition p.3!

This time we have asked our well travelled friend from Poland to share his experience from Slovakia. Gorgeous mountains, water basins, lakes, forrests, beatiful city centres – Slovakia seems to have it all! If you need some inspiration for your future holidays, check these ones out!

Which ones of these places have you visited yourself? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

Wondering what happened in SLOV:SLOV last week? (9-15 May)


  • Vrhnika Coffee Festival took place on 14th of May. You can never drink enough coffee, right ?
  • The 21st International boat show Internautica took place in Portorož. Summer vibes are already everywhere. Its focus was on the integration and presentation of the European nautical industry achievements and promotion of its sustainable development. New models of attractive Motor and Sailing Yachts, highly energy-efficient yacht designs and projects were mainly presented.
  • Spiš Museum recalled the 65th anniversary of its foundation in mid-May with the opening of the Dardanely summer-house of the mansion in Markušovce.
    In the past, the building served for hosting balls and concerts, Currently, people can visit the mansion and see expositions of historical furniture and keyboard musical instruments.
  • “Doctors are dead. Who is going to save the children in Syria?” This text is written on posters all around Bratislava. With this, they want to draw attention and raise awareness that doctors are targets of attacks in Syria and they need help so they could help.

Last week (2-8th May) in SLOV:SLOV




  • What´s more Slovakian in the sport world than hokey? Slovak representatives at the World Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia presented the victory over the Hungarians. Hokey is definitely “their” thing 🙂
  • The astronomical event of the year was also seen from Slovakia. Lot of people wanted to see the planet Mercury, which was closest to the sun in the last few days. A similar phenomenon will happen again only in 2019.