NEWS from SLOV:SLOV (16-22 May)


  • 21st Jazz Cerkno International Festival was held between 19-21 May. Musicians from 11 countries beside Slovenia payed their visit to Cerkno. Music connects… 🙂
  • The traditional exhibition of Specialities of Slovene Farms is one of the most important culinary event celebrating the produce of hardworking Slovene famers. 19-22th May was the right time to visit Ptuj!



  • On the 21st of May Slovakia hosted the Restaurant Day, offering a range of meals in non-traditional restaurants. The dishes was served by refugees, homeless people, civil right activists and mentally-disabled people.

    The organisations opened their restaurants in 7 different places around Slovakia: Bratislava, Trenčín, Prešov, Kokava nad Rimavicou (Banská Bystrica Region), Malacky (Bratislava Region) and Vinodol (Nitra Region).
    You can check their program here:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists can cross Bratislava’s reconstructed Old Bridge on May 19th. The view is really nice from the bridge.

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