Happened in SLOV:SLOV 13-19th June


  • 18th of June was all about traditions and horses… The Sava Valley “štehvanje” is a tournament involving games in which horseback riders in motion have to break a small barrel fastened to a pole with a metal club. Štehvanje is organised each year in Savlje, a part of Ljubljana near the Sava River.
  • Ljubljana joins 110 other countries in celebrating the chosen one day which is all gonna be about music. On the 21st music will be playing at 15 locations scattered across the city of Ljubljana – from squares and streets to balconies and the train station, event the city busses. More info here: http://mikser.si/urnik/


  • The trams 1, 4, 6 and 7 were restored at Štúrova Street and Vajanského Nábrežie on June 15 in Bratislava. They were scrapped from the time schedules in 2014 due to the construction works on the Old Bridge and nearby streets.
  • The nationwide shepherds’ feast – Ovenálie, with presentations of cheese and farm products, took place for the 8th time in the village Východná, in northern Slovakia, in mid-June. Farmers and lovers of sheep and traditional specialities of lamb experienced the atmosphere of the feast of Slovak shepherds and enjoyed folklore ensembles from the Liptov region and its surrounding.

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