NEWS: 25-31st July



  • Slovenia took part in one of the biggest Pride Parades in the world, the so-called Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin, for the second time. The basic motive of the Slovenian presentation was to promote the diversity of Slovenia from the perspective of tourism as well as in the sense of developing respect for everyone.
  • Let´s talk about baseball. From 25th of July to 30th one of two European Championships C-Pool is taking place Ljubljana. Read more:
  • The Global Peace Index 2016 ranked Slovenia as 10th most peaceful country in the world!



  • While the Bratislava Region belongs to the most innovative regions of new member states of the EU, Slovakia is again between average countries when it comes to the study of innovative performance of the EU states and regions published by the European Commission.
  • Do you want to discover Bratislava but don‘t like tradicional guided tours? During Brainteaselava City Game you will visit the most famous places in Bratislava, but also its hidden streets with peculiar atmosphere. Read more here:

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