NEWS from SLOV:SLOV (August)

August was a productive and fascinating month in both Slovenia and Slovakia. So let´s keep the news coming!

August 2016 in Slovenia:

  • The Global Peace Index 2016 ranked Slovenia as 10th most peaceful country in the world 🙂
  • Slovenia, often referred to as The Beekeeper of Europe, is home to the Carniolan bee. A new tour takes visitors around bee hives and api-wellness centres.
  • In Rio 2016 Tina Trstenjak won our first gold medal in Judo! Peter Kauzer won silver medal in kajak, Ana Velensek bronze medal in Judo and Vasilij Zbogar silver medal in sailing. Congratulations!
  • Historical buildings turned into hotels or hostels. Read more:
  • Postojna Cave passed yet another important milestone, as it received its 37 millionth visitor!
  • The 28th international music festival Nights in Ljubljana Old Town offered performances of 200 musicians from 26 countries. Nights in Ljubljana Old Town is the biggest street festival in the capital, which traditionally takes place in the last week of August at various venues across the old city core, attracting around 60,000 visitors from Slovenia and abroad.
  • Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe 2016, is focusing on sustainable mobility and air quality in September. Coinciding with World Car Free Day and European Mobility Week, the month will be highlighted by several events throughout the city. Read more:


August 2016 in Slovakia:

  • New English.speaking kindergarten opened in Stupava. It is a bilingual kindergarten.
  • Czech President Miloš Zeman attended the opening of the Czech Olympic House in Rio de Janeiro, together with Slovak President Andrej Kiska.
  • Irish low-cost airline Ryanair expanded its Leeds Bradford Airport winter 2016 schedule adding two new routes to Bratislava and Vilnius. As a result, the winter 2016 winter schedule now includes four new routes: Bratislava (two weekly), Gran Canaria (two weekly), Vilnius (two weekly) and Warsaw (two weekly). Lets all book a ticket now and fly away
  • The postage stamp, from the series Art, depicting a painting by Alfons Mucha gained 5th place in the competition of the International Philatelic Exhibition in Vienna (WIPA). Some philatelists consider it the most prestigious international competition for the most beautiful stamp in the world. The Slovak Posts always enters the international competition for the most beautiful stamps.
  • Slovakia celebrated the 24th anniversary of its constitution on September 1. #slovakrepublic #nationalday #freedom #independence

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