How well do you know SLOV:SLOV? part 1

Have you ever found yourself being really confused about which country is actually which?

Or do you consider yourself a real professional and you are absolutely positive that you can tell one country from the other?

It can get tricky, sometimes even the natives hesitate when you ask the right questions. And we consider ourselves being the masters of the right questions!
However, we have decided to start out easily.

You will find the TEST here!

This is the first of the series of the quizes How well do you know SLOV:SLOV.
Test your knowledge, learn something new and have some fun while you are at it!
Short 12 questions beginner quiz is the right warm up for all of you!

Let us know in the comments how successful you were and what were the trickiest questions!

Good luck! And stay tuned for the harder versions soon.


A tricky opening question: Where does Slovenka come from?

It is easy to get lost in it. Slovensko and Slovenija: Slovák and Slovenka speaking slovensky, Slovenec and Slovenka speaking slovensko – what is the deal here? Do both countries have identical women? One being an ex-member of Yugoslavia, the other one separating from the state with Czechs, one known for the big Danube, the other one proud to have the sea. Similar flags, symbols of Triglav and Tatra, Matra, Fatra, yet different anthems. One is using the ypsilon, the other one has been saving itself the trouble with it for some time now. Both proud of their beer, wine, quite frankly all the alcohol and the national cuisine. But which ones are whose?

Can you say which one is which one?
Or is it getting a bit complicated?

It could be just the evil slavic plan how to confuse the foreigners until they run away, crying that once more they have played the wrong anthem at the sport event, or asked the local people the question, which made their eyebrows jump to the top of their foreheads.

But, of course, it isn´t our intention. Quite on contrary. We love to hear that you are interested in our countries and would be glad to help you out a bit. And even if you are our slavic “colleague” or the student of these two languages, we hope you´ll join us for some Slovak-Slovenian entertainment, art expressions, student and linguistic experiences, important facts and – of course – some of the best worldwide faux-pas, which makes our whole project even more lively.